The history of the Alfa , Angelo Sozzi di Aldo Bona company

The company Sozzi-Inzadi SA, based in Milano (Italy), viale Abruzzi nr. 52 and founded in 1935 by Mr. Angelo Sozzi and Mr. Giuseppe Inzadi. They produced machines under the name Alfa, the first full keyboard Italian machines.
Their products were distributed by Cesare Verona, a company based in Torino.

Since 1938(?) production was continued under two trademarks, Officine Serio Everest and Angelo Sozzi.
Mr. Giuseppe Inzadi left company in this period. (This has still to be verified!)

Aldo Bona SA" viale Abruzzi, nr. 54 Milano. (The neighbor company of Sozzi-Inzadi), Founded by Mr. Osvaldo Bona.
After WW2 it is assumed that the Aldo Bona company owned the Angelo Sozzi company.
Since 1947 "Macchine da Calcolo S.A.S." (Owner: Mr. G. Osnaghi) via Vigna, 6 - Milano
Fabrication in Gorgonzola (since 1956) SA Bona Aldo (S.A.B.A. = "Società Azioni Bona Aldo") via S. Vittore al Teatro, 1 - Milano

Text source Rechnerlexikon but here and there modified / completed.