The history of the Archimedes company

In 1890 mr Constantin Fischer started in Glashütte Sachsen, Germany a factory for precision clocks and precision mechanics. From 1899 at the age of 29 mr. Reinhold Pöthig was joining the company and the name was changed in Fischer & Pöthig. Mr Pöthig had learned the skills at Burghardt company as well started in Glashütte. From the start on he emphasized on minimalism and simplification of mechanics, the used parts, model palette reduction and market conforming prices. In 1904 the name Archimedes was first used, and became known as the name for outstanding stepped drum technology calculators.
In 1912 the name was changed in Glashütter Rechenmaschinenfabrik Archimedes, Reinhold Pöthig.
They systematically optimize their production line capabilities and methodology from single to production of series / mass production. They became the most successful and competitive calculator company in the Glasshütte area .

The above given company name is used until 1951. During the DDR times the company name is not only changed, but several mergers took place:
1951 VEB Archimedes Glashütter Rechenmaschinenfabrik Glashütte
1961 VEB Rechenelektronik Glashütte
1978 VEB Robotron Rechen- und Schreibtechnik Dresden
1984 VEB Robotron Elektronik Dresden


The dates in the text are partly adapted from: