The history of the Brunsviga company

The company Grimme, Natalis & Co was founded in 1871. Their main production was in as sewing machine.
The big breakthrough in mechanical calculators came with the precise mechanical tools capabilities and the invention of new mechanism to replace Leibniz's stepped drum. In 1892, the firm of Grimme, Natalis and Company A.G. of Braunschweig acquired the patents of the original Odhner pinwheel machine, which it manufactured under the name of Brunsviga in Braunschweig, Germany.
Their chief engineer Franz Trinks promoted the Brunsviga very successfully and improved his machines technologically and made them more reliable.
The new Brunsviga was released in 1925, the successful series 13 started in 1927. From that time the company was called Brunsviga. Franz Trinks is rewarded for over 40 US patents.

In 1932 Brunsviga made machines according the "Split-Stepped-Drum" technology (Monroe principle). (Type numbers: Brunsviga 10 and 11).
In 1959 Brunsviga merged with the Company Olympia Werke in Wilhelmshaven (western Germany).