Rocking Segment Machines

(Strictly speaking some machines below are a little under estimate when you rank them as rocking segment types only. Some have more advanced mechanisms, but I placed then as rocking segment types, because their all use the same basic principle of a gear rack or gear segment to feed the register(s), direct or via a separate gear rack. So vi I put the Olympiai RA16 and R20 here, in stead of creating a separate Pendulum technology type as sub type for those two only or a sub group for the Ascota 150 and 170 because they have extra program functionalyty to automate calculations).

Kienzle 100E
Mercedes A50
Mercedes A57
Odhner Model H.9S4
Odhner model H.9S5
Odhner model 1218
Odhner model XX11C.7
Olivetti Summa 15
Olivetti Multisumma 20
Olivetti Multisumma 22
Olivetti Divisumma 14
Olivetti Divisumma 24
Olivetti Divisumma 26
Olivetti Tectractys
Olympia 182-60
Olympia 1182-30
Olympia 1182-060
Olympia AE D1 (old)
Olympia AE D1 (new)
Olympia RAS 3-12
Olympia RAS 12-D52
Olympia RA16
Olympia RA20
Precisa M3
Precisa 164-12
Precisa 166-12
Remington Rand Model 93
Rokli A17E
Sundstrand 8100
Tokyo Electric
Victor 508S
Victor 310S
Victor Artdeco
Victor Tallymaster
Victor Champion
Walther Multa 32
Walther SM12
Walther SRM 13
Walther Comptess
Walther Comptess neu