Type name / number: Little Giant (have no type number system identified yet)
Production / SN: No: 202663
Calculating principle: Rocking Segment
Calculating functions: Add, Subtract
Input accuracy 8 digits
Calculating accuracy: 8 digits
Designer: Mr. Wiliam Hubert Hopkins; He worked for The Dalton family claimed rights as well.
Production year: not clear yet, best guess around 1920 /1930
Case material: steel, aluminum internals bottom frame plate
External links: http://www.daltondatabank.org/Chronicles/James_L_Dalton-Adding_Machine.htm
Previous owner: Mr. B. Molenkamp, Haaksbergen, The Netherlands
Cosmetic imperfections:
(I accuse no one)
Two side plates, special ink roll, carriage cylinders (glider) are missing and the holder is bended. Normal usage scratches on the case.
Date of receiving: 2015-05-25 After a neighbors birthday party, the machine was donated by a friend of my Neighbor.
Machine story: 2015-05-29
On arrival the machine was rusted with collected dust inside. The machine was blocked. The pin block was not shifting etc etc.
First removed all the plates, the ink roll mechanism and the carriage and cleaned the machine from the dust. Penetrating oil sprayed a few times. After a day rest, oven cleaning sprayed and rust was little by little washed away with pressed air and hot soap and a few time clean water at the end. After drying with pressed air an other penetrating oil spray turn.
The vital locations checked and manual turned / moved.

The pin box mechanism is working properly again, after fasten the screws of the side construction. Which were partially come loose by removing the side plates.
The numbers entered where added successfully (several tests, and check the extension of the printer plates). But the actual printing (the hammers push against the number shifters is not working anymore. It turns out a friction with the side case plate and the lever end extension. This lever should set the printing hammers free at the printing. The lever end had a screwed extension. I removed it. I don't see a need for it. And printing was functional again.
Now the removed ink roll mechanism checked and add two spare roll (with the special opening on top and the European ink roll dimensions. It works.
The carriage repaired with one needle bearing and bended the glider plate. Which is controlling the printing role turning. The first machine showed the exact lever. Not obvious. But is worked again. Cleaned the metal part from rust and try to get a shiny outlook again (steel brush on drilling machine)
The rubber rollers perhaps need a reworked, due to plat sides. See if the paper transport works first.

Machine assembled (ink role mechanism and printing carriage etc). Pictures placed on the web.

When someone has a set of side plates to make this machine complete again, please let me know!!

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