The history of the company

Maruzen Sewing Machine Co., Ltd established production and distribution of sewing machine and parts as a start 1949. In 1953 they launched home-use zig-zag machines for the first time in Japan. In 1961 they produced 128 000 machines. In 1969 the opened a Brussels office in Europe and an office in the US. And exported a great deal to Europe.
The Maruzen Sewing Machine Company was a late entrant to the adding machine market with this "Jaguar" portable calculator. The machine has a heavy plastic cover which clips over the entire upper section to provide protection in transit. The cover also provides storage for the operating handle and the instruction booklet. There is a carrying handle at the front, and molded feet at the rear so that the unit may be stood vertically. The paper roll is fully enclosed within the casing.



Original text adapted from the Jaguar web site and Mr. J. Wolf. His web site