Type name / number: Jaguar K2
Production / SN: 21400345
Calculating principle: Rocking Segment with Staffel walze (Ten Key's)
Calculating functions: Add, Subtract
Input accuracy 8 digits
Calculating accuracy: 9 digits
Extra's: Covering hard case.
Carrying handle at the front of the machine.
Possibility to sore upright position.
Two ink colors possible. Color depending subtracting or adding.
Designer: Makoto Okuda (of the Maruzen Sewing Machine Company, Osaka, Japan)
Production year: ~1960
Case material: Plastic
Weight: 5,5Kg
External links: Information on this page is partly copied from the web site of an other respected collector / owner of this machine: Mr Wolf.
The link to the The patent of this machine
Previous owner: SRV man Peise
Cosmetic imperfections:
(I accuse no one)
Not any i like to mention
Date of receiving: 2011 july
Machine story: This machine was used by the previous owner at his work as milkman (SRV)
The machine needed a general small amount of W40 and it was easily counting again.

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