The history of the Lagomarsino company

The company Lagomarsino was founded in 1896 in Milan, Italy, by Enrico Lagomarsino. It was a family-owned company started with the distribution of calculating machines (Brunsviga, Underwood, Mercedes, Dalton, Addo). From 1937 on, Luigi Lagomarsino, son of the founder, start make together with his four younger brothers, machines by themselves, licence from the Swedish Addo company. The Totalia adding and listing machine was the first and was build in several versions. The Numeria calculator was the second after the machine was first build by SICMU (Societá Italiana Commercio Macchine per Ufficio) who got the patent in Switzerland in 1938. This machine was long time seen, in collectors groups, as Monroe clones. Closer investigations showed that they are not.
Both product lines were later developed separately.
Not many general information on the company can be found. Some documents stated that Lagomarsino has made typewriters as well.

More information on the Comparison with the Monroe type:
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Martin Reese, Hamburg
Peter Haertel, Lilienthal
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