Type name / number: Marchant Figurematic 8ADX
Production / SN: 541740
Calculating principle: Silent Speed Proportional Gears (only used by Marchant / or their later name SCM)
Calculating functions: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide
Input accuracy 8 digits
Calculating accuracy: 22 digits
Designer: Carl Friden ? ; Harold Avery
Production year: 1957 , made in the Hamburg-Billstedt west-Germany
Case material: Aluminium
Weight: 16,9 Kg
External links: http://www.johnwolff.id.au/calculators/Tech/MarchantDRX/Overview.htm
Previous owner: Mr. B. Schech, Berlin, Germany
Cosmetic imperfections:
(I accuse no one):
Carriage has scratches and a dent on the left side. All the small number key tops (carriage) are broken and partly fallen in the carriage interior.
Date of receiving: 2015-10-05 eBay
Date of give away: 2015-11-28 to a friend collector, T. Henst, Best, the Netherlands.
Machine story: 2015-11-05 / 2015-11-09
The machine received in a not working order.
This machine has a non usual mounting of the covers. I first remove the bottom plate, with four screws. The covers have locks in rubber and cover flanges partly overlapping each other. (Pleas see the pictures). Only the keyboard and the carriage cover is screwed. The key board plate is all so locked with two pens, which can be pulled free, in front of the key board.
The key board numerical part is working, the function part is blocked by one key pressed in.
The motor is not turning. The internal switch is pushed open. No blocking when by turning the shaft manually. No activity is following when motor forced to run (close the switch manually).
Made pictures of the covered and uncovered machine and put them on the site.

Obviously an outside force on the back and carriage cause scratches and a dent. It is not clear yet if this is the reason for non functioning, but it seems unlikely, the carriage seems not to be harmed by it.

Until here my investigation on this complex machine. The machine is changing owner in a few weeks. This machine I promised an expert with excellent analysis and repair skills.

Tiny Henst, a Dutch collector friend, owns this machine now and keeps me up to date with pictures of his repair activity ( please see the pictures, with numbers from 43 onwards). More will come soon.


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