Type name / number: Adding and listing machine, Hand driven, NFI 3A ,
Production / SN:  
Calculating principle: Rocking Segment, 10key Keyboard
Calculating functions: Add, Subtract
Input accuracy 8 digits
Calculating accuracy: 9 digits
Extra's: The beautiful streamline case design !!
Mechanically the long shape is achieved by the seldom seen printing unit design. The paper transport roll is moving and pushing against the printing bars, during printing. By the way, the Charles Babbage Differences engine does the same.
Production year: +/- 1953
Case material: Bakelite, dark green color
Weight: 4.4 Kg
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Previous owner: Mr. K.  Behm , Duesseldorf, Germany
Cosmetic imperfections:
(I accuse no one):
Hard to find any harming of usage.
Date of receiving: 2013-04-20 (e-bay),
Machine story: 2013-04-23
The machine was working perfect on arrival. Cleaning a little internally and calculating tests executed. Results OK! Good working mechanisms.


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