Type name / number: Odhner Model 1218
Production / SN: 1065968
Calculating principle: Rocking Segment
Calculating functions: Add, Subtract, Multiply
Input accuracy digits
Calculating accuracy: digits
Production year:  
Case material: Aluminum
Weight: Kg
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Previous owner: A collector, Overijssel , The Netherlands
Cosmetic imperfections:
(I accuse no one)
Usual usage cover imperfections.
Date of receiving: 2015-03-12 (Picked up at the previous owner)
Machine story: 2015-03-27
The machine is working but the carry is having a problem in the first digit when multiply is performed.
This is the first machine I came a gross, which has a constant running motor.
The mechanical suspension is different from all the others as well. (Please see the pictures of the front and rear rubber suspension)

The calculation is correct when only adding and subtraction and smal number multiplications are performed. Large numbers go wrong in the first digit.

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