Type name / number: Odhner Model H9S4
Production / SN:  
Calculating principle: Rocking Segment
Calculating functions: Add, Subtract
Input accuracy digits
Calculating accuracy: digits
Production year:  
Case material: Aluminum
Weight: Kg
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Previous owner: Collector Overijsel The Nederlands
Cosmetic imperfections:
(I accuse no one)
Usual usage cover imperfections. Plastic knob, zero setting turning counter missing.
Date of receiving: 2015-03-12 (Picked up at the previous owner)
Machine story: 2015-03-28
The machine was blocked on arrival. The keyboard pin block was maximal and could not pushed back. A lever in the front of the machine was preventing it. Manual on the pin block its self it was movable. Oiling the responsible lever bearing on the left chassis and placed a stronger spring, which pulling the lever of of the tooth rack, made clearing of the key board pin block possible.

After a few inspections and oiling on crucial locations the handle was making the normal operation possible as well.
The function keys Total sum etc are not functional yet.

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