Type name / number: Model 93
Production / SN:  
Calculating principle: Rocking Segment
Calculating functions: Add, Subtract
Input accuracy  
Calculating accuracy:  
Production year: ~ 1950 (Elmira, New York, United States)
Case material: Bakelite
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Previous owner: Mr. N. Baaijens, Lochem, The Netherlands
Cosmetic imperfections:
(I accuse no one):
Normal paint remove locations on corners.
Date of receiving: 2013 05 05 ?
Machine story: 2014-06-10
The machine motor and function key's are working. Not known if the working is properly. Noise is larger than expected. Case removed. Prior to that the print unit removed.
This shows an old but nicely to observe motor drive configuration. Please see the pictures of the right side of the machine. The catch and trap mechanism is plain to see.

Closer look shows a not working electric motor speed regulation. The noise coarse! Themechanisms have all had to manny force and a few are damaged, pushed aside etc.
The calculation is instable as the operation of the key's is. Further investigation / analysis showed that restauration is needen but I leave the machine as is for the time.

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