The history of the Thales Patent company

The history of Thales started with mr. Emil Schubert.
In 1906 he was a foreman at the Triumphator-Werke and was involved with the development of the "Pin-Wheel" calculator production from the beginning on.
In 1911 he decided to form a company (together with the businessman mr. L.Haberer) to produce calculators of his own. The later success of the Thales was due to mr. Max Mueller. He had a talent for business and had also good connections.
In 1933, unfortunately, mr. Mueller was found guilty of embezzlement and was forced to leave the company.
In 1936 the National Socialists forced mr. E. Schubert to leave his company without taking his patents. He then found a new company to produce the Schubert (!) calculators.
After WWII, in 1946, mr. M.Mueller came back to head the Thales-Werke in Rastatt. Their "Pin-Wheel" calculators were successful on the world market until the late 60th.

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