The history of the Triumphator company

Triumphator, together with Brunsfiga and Odhner, belongs to the 3 world- famous companies for "Pin-Wheel" type calculators.
Their begin was 1900 as a vacuum-tube company.
In Leipzig-Lindenau (with a mechanic from Brunsfiga, Otto Holzapfel) the calculator production started 1904 under the brand name "Triumphator". As the first company world-wide, they introduced and made machines with 10s-carry mechanism, in order to perform "faster multiplication".
1912 an other man of Brunsfiga joined: "Boleslaus Benas". He became "General Salesman" and brought Triumphator to success. 1920 the company moved to Moelkau near Leipzig (in a former pianoforte manufacture building)
1930 the year-production of Triumphator was alike its competitor Brunsfiga.
After WWII, 1946, the East Germany's government took control and the company produced calculators mainly for the "Eastern Bloc".
1965 the production (after 61 continuing years) came to an end.


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