Type name / number: Adding Subtracting and listing Machine, Victor 510-S (manual operating.)
Production / SN: 5-482676
Calculating principle: Rocking Segment
Calculating functions: Add, Subtract
Input accuracy 10 digits
Calculating accuracy: 10 digits
Extra's: Large display shows total result. At the listing the total/ result is printed in red.
Production year: 1931 - 1940
Case material: Steel with structure paint green
Weight: 16 Kg
External links: http://history-computer.com/MechanicalCalculators/20thCentury/Victor.html
Previous owner: Stefan Lampert (dutch), living in Hamburg, Germany. Nice contact via e-mail.
He mentioned, He was very glad to have his machine, which was used by his grand father, living in Emmen NL at that time, got a new live, showing many others the technology and beauty.
Cosmetic imperfections:
(I accuse no one)
rust on the chrome printing parts, keyboard plate, bottom plate rust areas.
Date of receiving: 2010 - july
Machine story: The machine was working properly on arrival during a shortform test(july 2010).
Situation sept 2010:
After removing the bottom plate and keyboard plate, for extensive rust cleaning, I made the mistake to pull the handle (after making the pictures). The key plates were meshed up on the handle site due to the missing support of the plate (to keep them horizontal on place). After several tries to reassembling, the total and intermediate summing key and the minus key cannot pushed in. The adding still works fine, but zero setting is not possible. Will need some more time to figure out, or have some external advice, why a certain catch / bridge will not move down !!
Situation november 2011
After analyzing the 300S-black machine, I discovered the mistake I made during the assembly in september. A small plate was blocking the whole sequence of total printing. Solving that and assembling the machine in the proper way this problem was diminished.
Now the total key must be hold during total result printing. At the 5e row the one and two key's are not keeping there position after activating those. Holding those the correct number is loaded. Next time

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