The last modifications of this web site:

2017-07-27 At the Burroughs chapter I added a few pictures of the handle. This handle is copied in a special corporation with a team of Belgium project (please see at the Burroughs top menu)
2017-07-11 The page / chapter "How do they calculate" I divided in two pages. One with more fundamental explanations basic mechanisms. Especially how gears are turned at an add for instance. Tooth rack and shifting registers are passing by. Multiply and dividing basic etc.
The second page is an technological overview. Comments / suggestions are welcome
2017-07-04 Divisumma 14 added the video with the dividing calculation. Pease see the details at the machine history table and on the Menu item How do they calculate at Rocking segment an the Multiply.
2017-07-03 Divisumma 14 added the picture with the dividing calculation result. Please see the details at the machine history table.
2017-04-12 Divisumma 14 added to my collection and putted on the site. This rocking segment machine has a semi automatic multiply and dived. For the multiply numbers are separate keys on the right side of the key board.
2016-06-27 A second Marchant 8ADX Figurematic is added to the site. The first one I donated to T. Henst, fellow collector for the appreciated work he did at my SCM Hamann 505
2016-04-12 I was lucky to buy a MADAS VII max recently (Prod. date ~1914-1915) . I have done some cosmetic cleaning of the outside and made pictures as well of the inner mechanics. Please take a look!!
2016-04-09 After selling a Walther RMKZ, to some one who likes to have especially that machine, I bought another one and put that one on the site.
2016-04-06 The site was 3 days offline due to a hosting configuration problem, sorry!
2016-03-25 Two new machines are added, a Marchant LX and a TIM III
2016-02-19 I added at the "How do they calculate" introduction page, more detailed text and pictures of the machine cycles and a time sequence diagram of the actions taken based on the cams of the central cam shaft.
2016-02-15 Add photo's of the "visits" to Bonn and Paderborn
2016-02-13 Replaced the Adobe Flash videos with You Tube ones for security reasons.
2016-02-12 The introduction page of the chapter "History on Mechanical calculator" is changed. I added information on the ancient Antikythera mechanism and added a link to a website of Mr. M. Skoulatos. He build Antikythera replicas and teaches the story behind.
2016-02-09 I added on the "How do they calculate" introduction page some basic information on multiplication. We see in mechanical calculators that multiplications are performed as repetitive additions.
2015-11-25 SCM Hamann Automat 505. I had bought this machine quite a while ago, but I I got stuck with the restoration activity. I was not able to get the carriage unblocked. I was very much surprised that I received an e-mail from a dutch collector, Mr. T. Henst, with a video showing his machine running. He analyzed my machine as well. Especially the revolution counter gears, on the carriage, where blocked by hardened oil. He find out how to remove the carriage. This differs from the other Hamann machines.
With the final positive success of a running machine. He made a few adjustments to tune the multiplication cycles!! Please see the video of the machine at work with a multiply 12345679 x 45